Sunday, July 30, 2017

To Follow or Not to Follow the Crowd

Hey, Gabriel Girls!

Have you ever heard of the expression "the blind leading the blind"? Do you know exactly what it means?

It describes a situation in which the person leading the way knows as much as or even less than the one she is leading.  In other words, the leader won't be able to take the follower any farther than the follower already can get by herself.

Obviously, this doesn't make for a good situation, does it? If we want to get somewhere but don't know how to get there, we need to follow someone who does know how to get there.

So, what does all of this have to do with crowds?

Well, a lot!

People like to follow crowds, especially at school. There's something about following a crowd that makes us feel secure and special. 

But what if we are following the wrong crowd? 

You see, crowds are usually going in the wrong direction. If everybody is doing something, then very likely what the crowd is doing is wrong. 

For example, today we see crowds of teens rebelling against one's parents or having sex or cheating on tests. All of these things are wrong, but the crowd will try to tell us these things are not wrong.

Years ago, I heard a quote that said this: "Observe the masses and do the opposite." In other words, watch what everyone else is doing and do the opposite. This is a wise formula for success.

It is also a wise formula for living as Jesus wants you to live.

Remember: the people you choose to imitate today will determine what kind of person you will be tomorrow. 

Do you want to be like the people you are imitating today? If not, do the opposite.

Now, it's your turn: Do you struggle with following the crowd? Do you need to belong in order to feel special and important?

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